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Two of Willy Earle's original songs performed by Me and Willy, with Pat 'Me' on lead vocals recorded 'live in studio':

Hold on Mr. Engineer 2005

I Love You More Than Johnny Cash Loves Trains 2005

These are samples of some of Willy Earle's originals off the Me and Willy 'Going to Louisiana' CD released early in 2006:

Going to Louisiana 2005 Willy performs this song on his metal dobro signing lead with Pat on back up vocals and washtub.  This song is performed in all the bands - but rocked up more with Tom on lead guitar and Bruce on bass.

Rockin' Blues 2005 Willy on dobro, harp and lead vocals.

Mississippi Mama 2005 Willy and Pat on vocals.  Willy plays his 1940's  wood "Dobro"  and harmonica.  Pat on washtub.  'Me and Willy' song.

Mudslide 2005 Listen to the wash tub bass on this one.  You can hear the mud slide.  Willy on metal dobro and harmonica. 'Lonesome Willy/Willy and the Delta Kings' or 'Me and Willy' song.

Rock of Love 2005 This is an 'O Brother' style rootsy gospelly kinda song.  Willy on lead vocals, dobro and harp, and the lovely Raven and Pandora back him up like a band of angels.  Bruce Lock on bass.

Cat House Mama 2005 This is a song about a man who falls in love with a woman who is in love with her profession.  Willy on lead vocals and dobro.  Twisted love song where someone dies.  Pat, Raven and Pandora (the cathouse mamas) on backup.

Red Hot Mama 2005 I think this song is about 'Me'.  Nice upbeat tempo.

Here are a few covers off of our old duo demo:

Me and Bobby McGee.  Pat on lead vocals and guitar.  Willy on dobro and harp.  We also do this song with the full band.  If you're interested in our full band, please add drums and lead guitar in your head while listening.  Thank you.  We do Piece of My Heart with the full band too.

Man of Constant Sorrow.  If you like O Brother, blue grassy songs, you may listen to this one.  Me and Willy.

Sweet Home Chicago.  Willy solo.  But this is also a band song. Add appropriate instrumentation.  

John Henry.  Smooth.  Willy plays and sings on this one. 

Full band samples to come.  The band does a lot of popular 60's and 70's songs and a modern song or two from the 80's.    We cover Beatles,  Bonnie Raitt, Vicki Lawrence - I'll give you one guess which song this is, Animals, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, etc.