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The following are links we felt like putting here. Check out Acoustic Ohio for listings

Check out this talent from Holland at http://myspace.com/bigfatnightingales 

click here for a list of Singer/Songwriters

www.patriciawinfield.com (this is 'Me' of "Me and Willy')

Thomas Mulready's CoolCleveland.  Really Cool.  You can get weekly voice emails of local events.  There's a cool kid's email too.  Also the Ingenuity Arts and Technology Festival is coming up July 13-16th - check it out.

Brent Hopper and Brittany Reilly, an acoustic roots duo

Great Country and more? www.hayshakerjones.com Catch Clint Holly every Sunday evening 7-10pm at www.thetownfryer.com for this cool jam night with great performers and even better, sophisticated urban honky-tonkers. 

Great Blues? www.naturalfactsmusic.com They play every Friday at www.CafeLimbo.com , a great intimate place with a variety of music several nights a week - and a fantastic patio (weather permitting)

How 'bout The Fipside "classic folk & rockin' originals" - absolutely awesome harmonies on Beatles and other great feel good songs.  Call Beth (Flip) at 216-406-0837 or Mark at 216-226-4062.

Live Music and great food at these wonderful places on the east side www.ridersinn.com (Painesville) and www.sandychanty.com (Geneva) (both women owned too), the Harland Pub at 779 E. 185th St., Cleveland, the Arabica at 818 E. 185th St., Cleveland, 216-487-7777.

and west side: the savannah, Verlies, Parkview

Other great music can be heard at the Akron and Solon Mustard Seed locations: www.mustardseedmarket.com

Wanna hear some Rockabilly?  Check out:

www.ROCKABILLYUPRISING.COM or www.rockabilly.net

Pete's Tavern has a variety of great music.

How 'bout Honky tonk? www.tabloidtwangers.com

or perhaps The Honky Tonk Cleveland's website.

There aren't many great original blues bands around here,  The Cletus Black Revue.

Don't forget Mr. Downchild's down and dirty blues.  That old twenties and thirties blues talk is dirty, eg. "I wanna check under your hood", "if you don't want my peaches, honey, don't mess around my tree", etc.

Blues and Classic Joel Allen (see our booking tab to book Joel)

Need Wedding music? Visit Claudia's music page

We wouldn't want to look like we're too narrow minded so check this music out (not sure what genre) Chaos in Creation

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