Annie, Raven and Me aka Straight Middle-Aged Chics (SMAC)

Below are miscellaneous songs - may or may not be songs we want to do.  Click on list for potential songs and send email for songs to add or delete from list.

Ain't Nobody's business - Bb - D - Gm - Eb, Bb - Gm - C - F, Bb - Eb - Bb-F

audio/songs to do/Mr. Tambourine Man1-07.m4a

audio/songs to do/Night In Tunisia16.m4a

audio/songs to do/No Woman No Cry (Live at The Lyce02.m4p

audio/songs to do/Son of a Preacher Man10.m4p

audio/songs to do/Son's Gonna Rise04.m4p

audio/songs to do/St. James Infirmary10.m4a

audio/songs to do/Superstar06.m4a

audio/songs to do/Taxi1-01.m4a

audio/songs to do/Tell Him16.m4a

audio/songs to do/We Gotta Get Out of This Place (07L.m4p

audio/songs to do/Maggie's Farm1-05.m4a

audio/songs to do/Like A Rolling Stone1-09.m4a

audio/songs to do/Lean On Me07.m4a

audio/songs to do/Landslide2-07.m4a

audio/songs to do/In the Ghetto (Live)10.m4p

audio/songs to do/Ain't No Sunshine03.m4a

audio/songs to do/City Of New Orleans07.m4a

Me and Willy material - Click here for sample set list

Willy's songs (from CD):

'Mississippi Mama' in G (quick C on 1st line, hold C on 2nd line, then std. turnaround)

'Cat House Mama' in D, bouncy feel

'Going to Louisiana' in D, goes to G when singing starts

'Rock of Love' (if we have the Red Hot Mamas)

'Rockin' Blues' (If we have the Red Hot Mamas)

'Red Hot Mama' - optional

Not on Cd:

Hold on Mr. Engineer in G (Music until I say 'Hold On' then come back in . . . disappear. I'll try to put a recording of it up soon.

'More than Johnny Cash Loves Trains' we'll do it in A.  This is with Red Star Rangers (Pat on lead vocals).

'I'm Going to Nashville'  - Also with the Red Star Rangers, I'm not sure of key - possibly D or E (Willy)

Brad Williamses Song, 'You're Not the Only One' (in G, goes to the dominant 7 a lot)

Jimmie Rodgers songs:

'Waitin' for a Train' in A, this goes to the 2(B) the first and second lines of each verse (on the way to the 5(E)) (Pat)

Freight Train - Bruce

'TB Blues' in G - practice your instrumental 1-5-1 yodel (Pat)

'T for Texas' Willy does it, probably the same key as Jimmie (Willy)

'Frankie and Johnny' - we do it in E as a duet, more calypso-ish-like beat - watch for stop after “rooty toot-toot, 3 times she shot” STOP – BAM BAM BAM) . .  right through that hard wood door . . .

'Mule Skinner Blues' - Willy does this one in D (Willy)

We will also do 'Window up Above' by George Jones and Ralph Stanley (I think) - Pat's key is A -A,E7,A,E7,D,A,E7,A- no sample, see words and music, and

'You Got Me Running' in E (Jimmy Reed song)(Willy)

 'Dust My Broom' in D?or E (Willy)

'Kind Hearted Woman' in G (Robert Johnson)(Willy)

'I'd Leave Me Too' (open air recording) in C, Click to see words and chords (in Microsoft Word format), and maybe

'All the Love I had is Gone' in A (it goes straight to the D on Chorus but holds the A on the only verse, and

Angel from Montgomery in D see words and chords (in text format)(Verse:[D,G]x3 A7,D Ch. [C,G,D]x3,G,A7,D

Willy has a new bluegrass old-timey style song, 'Crick is Running' - in G - G (hold through last word on second line then quick D) "[G] If the crick is running honey better fetch a mule.  If the crick is running honey better fetch a [D7] mule. [G] Cuz if the crick is running, it's gonna start rising [C] and if it starts rising we better start running, if the [G] creek is running [D7] honey better fetch a mule. (Several more verses -all the same)

Oh yes, I can't forget this one, 'Pay Me My Money Down'.  If you don't know this one you may find it on Bruce Springsteen's new CD Seeger Sessions or hear it at this link:,,3622281,00.html or a bad copy I made

Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby (from Oh Brother) words

We may also do Me and Bobby McGee in G, Man of Constant Sorrow in A, samples of which are on the 'Listen' page near the bottom, and a few blues songs with straightforward progressions (Crossroads in A, Matchbox in A).  Other possibilities: 'Ode to Billy Joe' in D, and 'Footprints in the Snow' in E or F, 'You Ain't Woman Enough' by Loretta Lynn in F (awkward hold on the 4 till the word 'enough'-it takes some getting used to), 'The Cowboy Song' (open air recording) by the Satisfiers-see chords and words, 'In the Pines' in E or F -3/4 time(Willy), and Jambalaya (chords D and A)


Disclaimer: We may not play the songs just like the recording.

Other songs for future events:

Pat: 'Train Whistle Blues' in G (Willy's song), Harper Valley PTA in G (Modulates 1/2 step every other verse), Billy Holiday's 'Ain't Nobody's Business' in Bb, Bonnie Raitt's 'Louise' in A and 'Guilty' in D (a Randy Newman song), Janis Joplin's 'Piece of My Heart' in F, 'All I Ever Loved is You' in D-(D,A,G, D,G,A,G,D), Three Time Loser (Stone Walls and Steel Bars) in A (Ralph Stanley), 'Son of a Preacher Man' in E, 'Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia' in B, 'The Nickel Song' in E (Melanie), 'Look What They Done to My Song" in A

Duets: Hey Good Lookin' in D

Jackson - C

Mule Skinner Blues - D

Willy: 'My Babe' in F, 'Folsom Prison' in C, 'Going Down That Road (Feelin' Bad)' in G, 'I'm a Man', 'Deep Ellum Blues' in G, 'duck

'Blue Yodel No. 4' (California Blues) - Never mind - we're not doing this one right now.

Lyrics to 'I put a spell on you'

Bruce's wish list: Down In the Valley to Pray, Blue Railroad Train, Where I'm Bound, Bottle of Wine, Last Thing on My Mind